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Who are the target clients for Pune IT Park?

Who are the target clients for Pune IT Park?

Professional offices at Pune IT Park are intended for two types of IT companies -
  • Established firms needing medium or large office space

    Established companies have well defined needs. They have a trained team, proven processes and ready equipment all they need is office space.

    For established clients, we offer space by the entire floor, with typical lease period of three years.

    Space for such clients is offered as either ‘cold shell (only basic space, all interiors and facilities are arranged by the client) or ‘warm shell (fully furnished with all amenities).

  • Start-up companies that need a variable amount of office space

    For entrepreneurs and start-up companies, we offer several types of fully equipped, ‘Incubation Centres offering them rich facilities to quickly develop ideas and processes.

    A quarter of a floor of ‘B building and two and quarter floors of the ‘C building are reserved exclusively for this purpose.
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